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HALF A BILLION PLNvalue of all investments


3 cities
Warsaw, Sopot, Lodz


12 investments


2000 apartments


113000 m2 in sales offer

Building for generations

We have been present in the Polish real estate market for over 10 years. We have been developing high quality housing complexes – modern houses, flats and apartments in prestigious locations built with highest quality standards. We always ensure our properties are safe, comfortable and luxurious. Professionalism of our services is supported by a long-term cooperation with PKO Bank Polski and our membership of the Polish Association of Developers. We guarantee to all our Customers, that the transactions are safe and our cooperation meets the highest standards and is compliant with the Developers Best Practices Code.

We support our Customers

We attach a great importance to careful selection of prestigious locations, high quality materials and timeless architecture. All of our projects are financed by our own funds and bank loans which secure your investment and your dream of a new home. Our cooperation with the biggest Polish banks assures that our Customers have access to attractive payment schemes, clear and safe solutions as well as our assistance in getting a loan at the best possible conditions.

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